Wednesday, June 17, 2015

1690's swords for Privateer Armoury

D-Guard sword (S.5 Swords and Blades of the American Revolution)
Patined 1084 distal tapered blade, iron hilt, fluted rosewood grip, birch/leather/brass scabbard

Total weight:        2lb 1oz
Sword weight:    1lb 7oz
Length:                 30"
Blade:                  24.5"
CoP:                    17"
PoB                      5.5"

Double Shell-Guard(from the Greenwich National Maritime Museum)
Patined, 1084 steel distal tapered blade, iron hilt, antler grip, birch/leather/brass scabbard.

Total weight:        2lb 7oz
Sword weight:     1lb 12oz
Length:                 30"
Blade:                  25"
CoP:                    16.5"
PoB:                     4.5"

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