Thursday, December 10, 2009

I polished the blade (to 120gt) for heat treating.
Here is the blade after 8hrs., 4 sanding belts, and -4oz. of steel later:

The steel for the new quench tank is supposed to arrive tomorrow.
Beautiful evening, I was listening the the rain outside the shop along with Enya's boadicea while I was filing the scalloped edges on the back of the blade.

The rain is falling softly down,
And watering the sod,
As along this toilsome way,
Steadily I plod.

Its not that I would trade my lot,
For any other man’s,
Nor that I will be ashamed,
Of my work torn hands.

For I have chosen the path I tred,
Knowing it would be steep,
And I will take the joys thereof,
And the consequences reap.

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