Friday, December 11, 2009

New Quench tank

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The steel for the new quench tank came this afternoon so I fabricated that this evening.
Here is the finished tank, 41" tall, 4"x1 1/2 " with a 12"x12" base plate:

It rained on ad off tonight so I didn't get a chance to HT the falchion blade so that will be tomorrow. Pray it goes off well, HTing is the most difficult and stressful part of bladesmithing as you never know exactly what a given blade is going to do. I'm guessing (and hoping) that this blade will take a slight "nose dive" and straighten just a bit.


  1. Thanks for the blog, there's some really informative stuff here. Just curious, where do you order your steel for fabrication? I'm also in the L.A. area, and I've had decent luck getting surplus stock from these guys: I got 40" of schedule 40 (0.25" wall thickness) stainless steel pipe for making a salt pot from them for relatively cheap (~$85.00).

  2. I'm glade you like my blog.

    I'll look in to that supplier.

    I normally use onlinemetals is their stock is the cleanest I've found.

  3. Unfortunately, they don't seem too responsive to email queries. I had to call them to ask about their surplus stock, but using surplus stock vs. new can be a huge price savings. Keep up the good work!